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Guys Guys!!! I go away for a few days and I have 60 comments on this one picture I took.

Look, I never meant to degrade anyone in any way about driving a car that looks just like ours but has a pizza sign on top. Like one member said it was meant to be a joke in a semi-innocent way.

The kid was delivering pizza in my neighborhood. I live in an area where high schoolers DO get BMW's for their 16th B-day (used or new). My neighborhood is one of the reasons why I'm selling my exhaust...too loud and too "unclassy"(not my word by the way so don't get all upset guys!). Plus every 16-18 year old in this neighborhood have imports, mustangs, bimmers, camaro, F150's with some sort of suped up exhaust, tires/wheels, etc. Nothing wrong with that. I love it when I drive down the street and bunch of highschool football players are hanging over the hood of a Mustang Boss with supercharger and admiring the engine. That's what I grew up doing. Love that! Unfortunately, I'm not 16 and I don't want to be associated with highschoolers based on what I drive. I also believe life is too short to drive a few years ago I chose the BMW 3 Series. I went to school to be a doctor, racked up major loan money to go thru school, came out and started my clinics and now I get to reap the rewards of nearly a decade of hard, dedicated school/work. Yes, BMW sold me on the "status". LIfe is better when you have the nicer things as long as you can afford it. I think you all agree with me on this. I love my335 with all of my additions on it. The wheels, former exhaust, OSS, etc. I'm not thinking of trading it in anytime soon. But with depreciation, these E90/92's are more affordable and what once was a $50k plus car is now $19-$25k, you're gonna get some kid who works at Dominoes buying it or his mommy bought it for him for his sweet 16 day. My 335 with all its upgrades will fit in more with the teenagers/college students' cars living in this area than my neighbors' (their parents) 7 series or A8's or escalades. But I'm not going to trade mine in for a boring 7 series or even an M5. I rather pay off my school loan first.

So those who buy Bimmers for the ultimate driving machine and not for the status then great for you. I bought it for BOTH b/c that's what's BMW stands is IT"S culture. You can't deny that.

I don't care what this kid drives...he can drive a Porsche delivering pizza. But to a hard working attorney/doctor/or business owner who has earned every dollar to purchase that beautiful car and now it rides with a pizza sign ontop it does make you chuckle a bit. Not in a offensive way but that things change so quickly in life and what once was a hard fetch car is now affordable for the general population with depreciation. It the law of finance....depriciation will eventually make it afforadable. That's all.

I feel horrible for a guy who held a strong position at work and lost his job to now have to drive his bmw for pizza delivery to make ends meet.

I don't think I was being rude in my comment of the picture. But I will tell you that I am 100% sure I will not buy another non-M 3 series for myself. It's time to move on when I do get tired of my 3. And move on up it is. Cause when your neigbor's 15 year old says "she loves your car!" and can't wait till she turns 16 to get one just like makes you chuckle again.

Thanks for the platform.