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On your first diagram, your guess on the green wire coming out of the VC-25 is wrong, it is supposed to go to positive from the pump so it can do the variable pump speeds based on the boost reading it has. I've confirmed that with my notes, diagram, and the VC-25 manual that came shipped with the original kit.

Try using the VC-25 again if you can and run the green to positive red wire on the pump.

1) VC-25 green goes to the pump red wire.
2) Yellow VC-25 to solenoid as you did it in your diagram
3) Red - is supposed to go to your switched 12v source. In the original kit the remote button was the switch. In your first diagram you don't have a switched source you are running right from the battery. What I did was run a switched source (turns off with the car off) from the front of the car, and through a manual switch in the cabin in case I wanted to turn the system off manually while the car was on. You could do what you show in your 2nd diagram, take a switched source and run it to the VC-25 red.
4) VC-25 Black goes to negative like you have it in the first diagram

The big issue with your first diagram is that green of the VC25 should go to drive the pump through the pumps red wire and the red from the VC25 should just go to the switched power source.

Here is my original wiring for the vishnu pps kit after I switched it to not use the remote control and use the switched power source (hacking into shiv's original harness is why the blue switched power from the front of the car goes to white and then into red). Forgive the terrible writing.
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