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Originally Posted by wonho View Post
yep, high temp brake fluids. BMW synthetic engine oil is good enough. Keep in mind that both of these are recommended to be flushed every 2-4 days of DE. Expect 270+ for the oil temp if you're pushing hard with a tune; this is still normal and shouldn't trigger any limp if all else is well.

I've done about 15 days this year with all stock hardware and stg 1 tune, but had no mechanical issue except brakes. For some reason, I simply could not get rid of brake jutter when they got heated up. I would highly recommend PFC pads (either 01, 06, or 08); don't get anything else for the track.

BTW, C6Z... what made you get rid of it?
Thank you sir!

Ahh my old 08 Z06... H/C/I and 540 at the wheels... I moved down to pocket the money since I'm getting married and looking to buy a house. Unfortunate, but the bmw is an impressive car because of the totality of the things it does well. Nothing great, but a lot of things very well which makes it what it is. I'll know for sure after my track sessions lol