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Originally Posted by vladinecko
i hate censorship of any kind, especially when it's from "family" or "christian" associations. it's gotten completely ridiculous with all this shit. there is absolutely no way to please a 250-million crowd, so just get over it and, as george carlin put it brilliantly, "there are two knobs on the radio, one turns it on and off, and the other changes the station"

i'll watch it just out of spite!
I totally agree --though I still probably won't watch this show

But you're right. I keep seeing stories that these parent groups and what have you keep writing to FX to try and get rid of advertisers during Nip/Tuck. OHHH that drives me up a wall! And I think Toyota was the last advertiser to pull ads during that show. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

I don't get's on at 10:00 at night. And even if I was a little kid watching it, who cares? I used to watch anything I wanted to when I was a little parents never censored ANYTHING, and I turned out alright, I think.....heh heh heh