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Originally Posted by Antonio1988 View Post
I had a 2008 Mustang GT and just sold my 2008 Z06. I tracked both cars and knew the basic upgrades I would need for the track. My question is what are the basic mods needed for a 335is for a track day? My current mods are H&R Sport Springs, 12.5mm hubcentric spacers, and a JB3 running Map 3.

I plan to swap out my fluid for RBF600, which I have run in all my cars with great success.

Are the stock brake lines OK for 3 30-minute sessions? What about engine oil? Anything with a little more anti-wear additives I should run like an Amsoil or Redline? What about the pads and rotors? Can I cook those in a day? Thanks!
Turn off the JB3 to establish a performance baseline.

Bleed with RBF600 and pick track-capable pads of your choice. OEM pads won't cut it if you have some track experience. Oil, brake lines, rotors, tires will be fine. Not great, but fine. Watch your oil and water temps and see where you go from there.

Good info above. You got some horrible advice on the engine subforum, please ignore it and good luck.