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Originally Posted by montreal red View Post
yea i didnt turn off the traction nannies but the yellow TC light didnt even come on even when doing hard launches. i wonder if its working in the background and only comes on when its cutting a lot of power.

oh and stage 2 tune with a simple turbo back exhaust and a new intake makes 390 hp/400 torque... i wished i can gain 90 hp on the RS as easy as that... i think i am becoming a turbo convert.
Forced induction is pretty funky. Especially the torque. Nasty if it doesnt kick in gradually. I miss it a lot. The M3 S54 engine is definately missing torque. I'm wishing for a little HP but mostly the torque. I'll due a custom tune on next year if I have the budget.

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Anyone know a good shop to repair curb rash?
I used Exacte Roue in Dorval on Hymus.
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