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Diagnostic failure, Car wont open with key fob!!

Dear All,

I was playing arround with INCA and DIS yesterday.

The outcome is that:

I have somehow reset my brake pad wear sensor and now I am getting the service light in red. In the BC service menu the pad ware for both axles is now showing "-----" instead of a value.

Secondly I cant open the car with my key fob either with button on the dash! The only way to get in to mu car is by using the metal key from the fob. (when opened with metal key the lights indicator light flash on the car and central locking works fine)

However I can still roll the windows down when I press and hold the unlock button.

Please help which module did i mess up would it be DWAI or CAS. and how would i fix it?

Any suggestions to calibrating the brake pad wear also welcome!

Many thanks!