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I got some sad news amigos I will copy paste the email I got from Lee:

Hello Axel,

I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and I would like to help out however we can but we need to be careful about what you offer to people. We cannot simply offer a Group Buy at a deeply discounted price to anyone and everyone without a plan of how it will work and be fulfilled. We need to find a way to make it work within the parameters of our dealer network and market or as a reasonable exception to it. Your location in Puerto Rico gives us some flexibility in making a deal for a few people as our primary Puerto Rican distributor has gone out of business a few years ago and there is currently no established dealer network there.

I am okay with trying to find a small and flexible dealer who can arrange some retail sales in Puerto Rico. If there is a company in Puerto Rico that wants to do the transaction and sales of the parts to consumers in Puerto Rico, I can most likely find a wholesale distributor who can make those arrangements. We definitely cannot make an offer to people outside of Puerto Rico for a Group Buy or anything similar to that at all. Again, I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to put some sales together but we must have a specific plan and scope of what you have in mind and how to deal with it that does not throw aside our considerable market pricing balancing efforts and distribution programs.

Before making any promises to anyone, please let me know what you have in mind, how many people you are thinking about, etc. so that we can come up with a plan to execute it.

Best regards,

Lee Grimes

KONI North America

As you see they work as a network anything else then it messes the other. I firmly beleive it can be done as to have the purchases done by areas and/or convince them that you guys are serious about this, at least I tried to get you all the best, it is in your hands, I have to bat for my guys now.
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