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Originally Posted by gunman168
Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
You need to establish first of all which HU you have.

You may have this headunit.

Can you confirm if you have this headunit?

I reckon its to do with your HU and if you have headunit like the one in the link above, then you cannot code it to hi-fi.

Your other option would be to change your HU to 'professional' OEM headunit.

I have the BMW Professional OEM headunit. No amp, no nav, no everything lol. Though mine is different from that in the link.

My dealer tried to transfer my HU to another car (with hifi setup) and it was able to accept the recode. This means it actually can be recoded to hifi. But the moment they transfer it back to mine then the recode error'ed or went back to orig configs.

I just dont know how to make the hifi recode to work.
Sounds to me like there is a module in he car that is not accepting the code.

Have they opened a puma case?