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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
I wont pretend i know anything about the N55 DME, but If it was that easy, someone would already have an upgrade out. If madmanhiker is serious about an upgrade, i guarantee that Stage 6 motorsports could build the kit.
We've been running the same tunes on these cars as the N54 guys and its been quoted by Shiv that its easy to port the code from N54 to N55 over. The problem however is that NOBODY wants to spend time on the N55 since it wont make as much money for them as the current N54 does... or so they believe. That is the only factor why we dont have a bigger turbo... not that its harder to do ... in fact it should be easier since its already a twin scroll and not a huge change in plumbing as the N54 requires.