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Originally Posted by ericruiz911 View Post
-poor boys wheel sealant sucks IMO. Try armor all wheel protectant. i love it
-303 is a great product
- i would say aquapel in replacement of rain clear
Agreed that PBWS sucks, it's a nightmare to get on/off. What I do for wheels is the same I do for paint: wash, glaze and seal. I take the wheels off the car every six months to do this; in between I just wash.
Originally Posted by bgill76 View Post
2x DI accessories sheepskin mitt
5x DI microfiber no edge towel
1x. DI waffle weave towel
1x lake country blue grit sponge (for wheels)
1x grit guard
1x mini ez detail brush
1x 200g gentle fine clay
1x dodo juice born slippy clay lube
1x black fire wet diamond sealant
1x sonax wheel cleaner
1x poor boys wheel sealant
1x P21S degreaser
*1x 303 fabric and vinyl cleaner
*1x 303 fabric guard
1x 303 aerospace protectant
*1x stoner invisible glass
*1x glass science rain clear

How's this list? I'm not looking to polish yet. What would be a good car shampoo? And what would I use to clean and seal the exhaust tip? This is all in a cart on
I bolded the stuff I'd remove and put an asterisk next to the stuff I don't have experience with.
I bolded the clay lube because you don't need it. Get some instant detailer, it will work the same and you can use it on your paint after a wash. Unfortunately DI doesn't sell Meguiar's detailer but that is the best, IMO in terms of on/off and clarity. Optimum doesn't do it for me.

Get more towels - I'd get 12+ of the blue microfiber square ones, two waffle weave, and 4-6 "Great White" towels, my favorite:

Also get another sheepskin mitt, have at least two.

A sponge won't cut it for wheels, IMO, get a detail brush:

For shampoo, I like Optimum. Slippery and foams up great. I buy the big bottles:

I like to apply glaze first then sealant, it will give the paint extra depth and hide minor imperfections:

*Deep breath* - last but not least, I am a HUGE fan of Meguiar's M40:
Use that on all your rubber seals, plastics - it's fantastic. It will also restore any rubber that is starting to fade/oxidize. For example, the little rubber storage trays in my center console were oxidized when I got the car (brand new car ... go figure) - applied M40, been fine since. It also makes a great tire shine.
Originally Posted by bgill76 View Post
I think I have leatherette not leather
You can (and should) still use leather protectant. Leatherette doesn't need as much care as leather but the key word is as much; it can get brittle. Leather protectant will keep it nice and flexible. I use the Optimum Leather Protectant Plus, it works nicely and smells good.


Thanks Greg for all your contributions here ... this thread is an absolutely fantastic resource. I used it this morning to figure out which pads and such to use for polishing soon. I'm also going to pick up Cquartz. Heard nothing but good things.

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