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I just did an oil chanage myself on my 335i , i put Castrol Edge Full Synthetic 5W-40. What i dont understand and really bothers me is that when i went to purchase my oil filter from the BMW parts center, i had asked what oil they use and they said 5W-30 part synthetic. Now when i open my hood it clearly says to only use full synthetic oil only. Why would a the dealer go as far as putting crap oil in a a forced induction enginge which in my mind would require nothing less than full synthetic. I used to have a G35 and i only put full synthetic and i changed it every 4,000 as to the dealer which says every 10,000 which is f****** absurd! Im really big on quality and maintenance and this non-sense being done by the dealrs especially when you have paid for a warranty makes no sense. When i asked if i could do my oil change with synthetic even though i have warranty they said yes but that i need to pay extra