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i confirmed that i did have the green wire from the VC-25 to positive red wire on the pump. I never changed the original wiring there, i just couldn't see the connection all wrapped up in tape. When I prime the system with the dials on the back of the VC-25 I get voltage from the green wire out of the vc-25. When i use a pump to apply pressure to the tube into the VC-25 I do not get power switched to the green wire. This leads me to believe that I cooked something in the VC-25 when I accidentally cooked the key-fob. Unfortunately I can not get the board out of the VC-25 to inspect it and possible fix it as it is clued in tight as hell Needless to say I'm Rather pissed at my self for my accident.

The way that the original Vishnu kit came with the key-fob was really not setup to be a switched power source Basically it was connected to the battery directly and only if the user was diligent in using the remote was it ever not under constant power. Does anyone know it there is a switched source of power in the trunk?

At this point I think my only logical course of action is to go the route of a pressure switch and relay. That is how I had it set up on my supra and eclipse many years ago.

I do have another question for you guys and I do greatly appreciate all the advice and commentary. My question is since I'm kinda of redoing this set up should I add another nozzle. I currently have the CM10, but I have my original nozzle which I believe is a DO7. What do you guys think?
Thanks, Chuck
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