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People, people, people, don't be like Paul Ryan and think you can use stats any way you want. They have to be reliable and valid.

My car was out-of-service for 3 weeks. That in itself can make the overall car "VERY UNRELIABLE," and "AVOID." Because my Nissan is nearing 15 y.o. and it never even was out-of-service.

Flash forward to today--the 335i has never failed ever since, so that's nearly 2 years.

This means the overall record is unreliable, but the last 18 mos. have been 100% reliable. If you were buying my car used from me, you'd be getting it while it's been 100% reliable.

It would be like a baseball player striking out every game for 3 weeks. He will never be able to get his batting avg. back to normal. But what if it was because he couldn't see the ball, but got lasik and has been batting 1000 ever since?

Knowing what I know now, some of those sub 20k 07 335 coupes might really be gems.