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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted View Post
Need more info on the type r, people here are laughing but they can be downright nasty all motor - 300whp is a walk in the park nowadays and thats enough for low 10's high 9's all day long in those cars with weight reduction. I've seen k20 swapped EG civics making tuned E9X 335i's look downright slow.

If it's just a stock ITR or CTR then you won't have much problem. If it's a 12:1comp iall motor B18 in a gutted EF or CRX then you may get your headlights sucked out. The EVO all depends on if the guy is BSing you. If it is stock turbo from a roll you'll have no problem, if it's an FP red, black or 35R you're probably losing your money.

Just do a run for fun and see what happens, there are FAR too many "what would happen if I ran ..." threads