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Originally Posted by straightcashhomie View Post
lol there was an article i read about it. they claimed these high performance cars are built to drive hard. hahaha at least the owner is happy that they purchased his car back for more than retail. I'd be happy... take the money and run
Well if that's the case they need to be upfront about what needs to be done to properly diagnose the car. They're just trying to back out of it. No excuse for trying to blame clutch damage on the owner lol. I'd take the money and still try and humble them a bit.

I had a somewhat similar incident where I bought a used Saleen from a dealership. They downplayed engine issues, said they replaced stuff, etc. Engine blew during low RPM driving a 1000 miles later. The powertrain warranty they said it had, they never transfered, so they tried to say tough luck. I found a lady through the Saleen forums who videod the car making valvetrain noise when she test drove it. I wrote a letter to the owner after not getting anywhere with sales. Long story short(er), they cut me a check for 5k and I fixed the motor myself . . . with a stroked forged unit .