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Originally Posted by kingofthedemo View Post
Social media is the vessel that many of these bullies use to inflict so much pain on others with, honestly I think that sites like facebook and myspace are causing more damage than they are worth,especially for kids and teenagers, this is so sad. The kids who were harassing her sound like pure evil. That one dude should have his wigg split! Fucking cowards talking sht behind computer screens, there's no worse kind of scum, and social network enables these kids to do it anonymously.

agreed, pathetic losers sit behind their computers all day and act like hard e-thugs and it just pisses me off, it's so evident everywhere, even on bmw forums some people just become so ballsy when they are behind a computer screen, 98% of those losers wouldn't have the guts to say half that shit to the same person if it was in real life..

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