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i think there should be a greater awareness of how to handle bullying. are there no anti-bullying forums out there? like literally, 0 tolerance for flaming

making bullying illegal? that might dissuade some, others will just get better at being sneaky about it (think gun control). what the victims need is a support group and a lesson in self defense.

me: i say it anywhere, most people hate me anyway. i doubt fb/internet is the culprit, it's just a newer way of doing things. if anything, going online is a safe place to vent. personally, i don't do violence (and that's a very real risk around hooligans), and anyone who calls me out to fight likely isn't worth it. but, you gotta love it when the perpetrators "turn it around" and act like victims.

lastly, anyone who actually kills themselves from some smack talk, you gotta admit they're partially to blame. stop going online, screen your calls etc.

"say it to my face?" ... sure, call all your lackeys and meet me outside the pd

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