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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
Are people on this site still trying to defend the reliability issues with these cars? Amazing. I thought we had all just accepted it as fact and loved the cars none the less (albeit with crossed fingers).... Looks like they've addressed the HPFP issue (failures seem to be way down), but the HPFP is not, and has never been, anywhere near the only common issue with these cars....

Not sure warranty coverage is a factor in determining reliability itself. It's a factor in considering how much of a burden a potential reliability issue will be for the customer.
"Amazing"? Your position is more "amazing" than anything...."we all accepted" ....w ...hat???? So you and a very small but vocal minority on this forum're are "we all" now?
I owned two 335 with N54 and no major problems, no HPFP issues, nothing. My brother drives a 535 fitted with N55 and no problems so far. We are not pampering our cars, these cars are used day and night (MD) in heat, rain, snow and on some very bad roads here in MA.
And "we" are not the an exception, for conformity check this

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