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Originally Posted by Maestro
Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
wow that was freaking sad.. what is wrong with kids nowadays... i mean i was made fun of as a kid and i mean who wasn't.. but some kids take it too far nowadays.... i wish i could have had just half an hour with her, everyone deserves to know they are worth something...
The problem is kids are not allow to kick each other asses on the play ground, so what happens is you get the verbal attack continually and these kids have no outlet for their frustrations with one another.

I too got picked on and pounded a few kids asses and guess what it stops and people leave you alone since no one wants their asses kick in front of their friends.

Plus you never hear the saving "Stick and Stone my brake my bones but names never hurt" Kids never learn to grow thick skin these days since they been told to always play nice, well this what you get.
I agree... Most of us have been made fun of and fought in and out of the school yard. You win some and you lose some. You just got to step up and show strength. Then you go home to what you think is a SAFE place and lick your wounds. Now a day you go home and you're not safe. You open your computer an the torment continues... Story broke my heart.