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Originally Posted by Spoolin Montego View Post
Stock turbo evo you won't have a problem with, no matter the mods. .........

So very far from
My friend Fathouse's (previous EVO people have probably heard of him) EVO, stock turbo, stock block, drag radials, full interior went 11.2 @124. Not by any means typical, but possible.

My EVO, stock turbo, no cams, exhaust, E85, summer tires went 11.9 (forget MPH) 2 years ago. edit: I found a youtube video. One of my slower runs and it was a 12.1 @124 to give you an idea also....stock turbo Now once it was fully built, forget about

I'm not saying this is what he's up against. I'm just saying don't make general statements that obviously you're wrong about!

Back on topic:
Like others have told you. A lot has to do with how "honest" they're being and a ton of other factors.

It's all bench racing until you get out there and see what they can do.

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