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Originally Posted by Dr. G View Post
If our winter this year is anything like last years, you could run 20" winters with 285 in the back and have no worries haha.

Generally speaking a square setup will work "better", but that doesn't mean mean the staggered setup will be bad. If the areas you drive in are generally plowed you'll be fine.

Ground clearance will become a problem before your 255 rears do.
exactly! although, I drive up to blue mountain/collingwood at least 20-25 times in the winter due to snowboarding but even then I was fine and got there and back without a hitch. I had better traction than most cars I saw with shitty all seasons

Originally Posted by d-burn View Post
Wouldn't an 18" square set-up at 225 width be 225/40, with 8.0 inch width?
missed the part he said he wants a square setup - I for one don't mind.