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Steering Angle sensor, is your car lowered?

Fix 1:
Disconnect battery for 10-20 mins, reconnect. Press start button once, turn your car turn steering wheel all the way to the left till it stops then all the way to the right till it stops. Turn back to center and pause. Repeat the turning of the steering wheel a second cycle. Start car and drive the car for a bit. This should recalibrate the steering angle sensor.

Fix 2:
Buy relay (part number:B61.36.6.915.327.) and replace relay with faulty relay. Instructions here:

Fix 3:

Fix 4:
Do nothing and drive the car everyday with the annoying lights.

I do not advise option 4 =). Some people have had success with at least one of the above fixes. More people have had success with option 3, but it doesn't hurt trying the first two options before opening up your steering wheel. Let me know if you have any questions.