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Originally Posted by wonho View Post
HAHA OP, I got a pretty good laugh at your other thread. esp the kid daring to mouth about the godly C6Z.

I just wanted to emphasize this. Maybe this is just me, but I've gone thru 3 sets of rotors and 4 sets of pads in 1 season (~15 days); none of them has worked yet. I'm not that great of a driver, but still, the disgusting steering jutter from brakes heating up is really preventing me to get consistent laps and killing my learning curve. I've tried Carbotech XP12, Hawk HT-10, Cool Carbon S/T, and OEM pads. After a long research and interrogation with fellow track people, now I have new PFC01s sitting in my garage to be tried next. Take it for what it's worth...
FWIW PFC06 and cheap blanks have gotten me through 12+ days and 2000 miles of driving to and from track and I still have plenty of meat left on both rotors and pads. Granted my car is lighter but still... Will you use your brakes too much lol.
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