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Per Hansson

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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
It is hi-fi coding and done for Alpine kit as well.

It does not affect NAV at all. About PDC, it is bit random. 8/10 cars no issues.

I had only 2 cars on which PDC gongs were reduced. And no body has done it, but I managed to code gongs back to its normal volume while retaining the hi-fi codings on one car (07) whereas on the other car, I could not.
I find this to be really strange.
I mean the coding to HiFi makes all outputs normalized if I've understood it right.
And since the rear speakers are the only speakers still driven by the headunit with the Alpine retrofit it is very logical that their volume is reduced.
But then it would be the same for all cars getting coded...

Can you answer me the question quoted below?
Originally Posted by Per Hansson View Post
When coding the car to remove the equalization done, which connector on the filter should be used then?
Or is the "Plug & Play" cabling for the newer E90's without this filter all together so that's why they require coding?