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Actually, my two CPO cars were originally sold here in Texas, so I probably didn't get yours. My current one only had 3200 miles on it when I bought it in January of '08. was a joke, obviously...still, who got Bill's car might not find the link amusing.
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I think a lot of this reliability thing goes to how the car is treated early on - but there are always going to be some "lemons", no matter what make and model. No citrus fruit so far here after 40K miles, though!
...same here, close to 50k and my 335 is going strong, no problems so far. I use only German Castrol and maybe for this reason there are no signs of valve fouling that many are complaining about. Only the noisy dried out door gaskets had to be replaced a couple of months after I purchased the car. I didn't have this problem with the two E9x I leased previously. Actually I didn't have any issues at all with any of them and for this reason I decided to purchase in 2009 the E92 I am driving now. The HPFP was working perfectly fine but BMW of NA decided to have the pump replaced anyway, a couple of months ago. Pretty much that's it. My car is stock, no alterations or additions, washed occasionally, driven daily...not a garage queen.
Meanwhile a colleague who purchased a brand new Acura RL in the same year (09) is at his third gearbox replacement.

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