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Carl Morris

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Originally Posted by danniexi View Post
are 1.7 sec 60' launches that difficult on an MT xi?
At ~105mph power levels I've found it impossible on my >60k miles stock clutch. At the beginning of the season I could run mid 1.8s all day when there still wasn't much rubber on the track. I got a bit of AWD wheelspin and everything was good. Later in the season I'd added more power and the track got stickier and the clutch started slipping on launch. I removed the CDV and went back and it was better, but still couldn't spin the tires. Too much aggression and it would slip on launch again. I need a new clutch.

One thing I learned in all this is that when you get the stock pressure plate really hot it stops releasing correctly and I start missing 2nd until it cools off.