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2012 Americana Concours D'Elegance

Went to the annual Americana Concours D'Elegance, a well-run car show at the Americana Manhasset outdoor mall on Long Island that happens every Fall. Some amazing cars, including great historics, and pretty impressive and/or amusing people-watching.

There was the usual lineup of Ferraris, Lambos, Astons, Porsches and BMWs, most of which don't seem so spectacular given that this area is chock-full of them anyway. (Whenever my wife and I are out and about on the weekends, we make note of the "FOD"--the Ferrari of the Day that we're sure to see within 20 minutes or so of leaving the house.) The cars that struck me were the vintage and historically significant ones: a Ferrari 288GTO from 1984, a '60s Alfa Giulietta, a '60s Ferrari 512S competition car, a Shelby GT350 competition car, an original Ford GT40 prototype, and a 1947 Ferrari Tipo 159S.

I've included photos of the GT350, the GT40, the Ferrari 159S, and a couple of video clips of these amazing cars.

The GT350 owner was a great guy--he's the second owner, having had it for 25+ years. He's done a full restoration, and still takes it to Lime Rock and Watkins Glen. He said he was clocked at 155mph on the back straight of the Glen right before the Busstop. Much respect for having such an amazing car and still using it for its intended purpose.

The GT40 was one of the original prototypes. 289ci car. Sounded absolutely amazing. You don't realize how small these cars were until you stand next to one. The repro Ford GT from several years ago seems twice as big.

The Ferrari 159S was driven by Jim Glickenhaus, the gazillionaire banker from Westchester who also owns the Ferrari P4/5, a one-off car that started as an Enzo and was rebodied with custom coachwork by Pininfarina several years ago. This 159S is considered to be the oldest surviving Ferrari in the world, and was built in 1947. Sorry for the out-of-focus video on this one. My iPhone was acting up.

I've also included photos of a Lambo Aventador for comic relief. Obviously just my opinion, but the custom paint job was not really my cup of tea. Why mess with such an amazing car? Note the custom plates--perhaps it's Charlie Sheen's car? That would explain it...

Anyway, enjoy the pics and videos.

GT350--wish I would have caught it firing up.

GT40--oh, what a noise!

Ferrari 159S
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