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Originally Posted by fireline43
What did they have problems with? I always hear problems with vw, but I have yet to see it. Kind of the same with BMW. Other then this forum.
Premature water pump failures, which usually consists of them up selling a timing belt job as well since it all has to come apart. Fuel pump failures on both gas and diesel models. Everything interior wise falling apart... Headliner, fabric on the doors peeling, door switches peeling, radio controls peeling, every window regulator, lock mechanism to open trunk/hatch, drivers door key/lock unit failing.
They would come in for regular maintenance and either the oil dipstick handle or the tube it slides into would disintegrate because of how cheap the plastic was, coil packs failing, wiring harnesses for TDI's failing, glow plugs failing (another tdi issue) countless oil pan replacements (mainly because customers would go to quick lubes) because the threads are easy to screw up on their cheap aluminum oil pans. Door release mechanism for your fuel door failing, countless a/c compressors, bad airbags and crash sensors, exterior moulding falling off.... This is just stuff I can remember off the top of my head.
Countless a/c compressors on cars that came directly from port with 0-5miles on the OD.

I remember another car that at its first oil change had a huge leak, turns out when the oil had been properly filled it was coming out of a hole in a timing chain cover between the engine and transmission... Upon further investigation it was caused by an extra bolt inside of the transmission bell housing.... That car was nearly lemoned as it took 28 days to get the parts and another day or so to get all back together.

I remember a touareg that had maybe 1500 miles on the OD that was making a metallic sound... Upon removal of the entire engine/transmission/awd system...8hr job just for that... Turns out on the back of the engine, the bolts that hold the oil pump in place on a VR6 were loose from the factory and the access cover was keeping the bolts from completely falling out/ starving the engine of oil.