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Need Audio Help, MS8 + Alpine PDX 4.100

Dear Friends,

Have already posted in Audio thread but in case some of you clever people from the UK dont go to that thread - need some advice,

My current Audio setup includes,

Front Stage = Logic 7 Mids and Tweets
Centre = Logic 7 mid and tweet
Rear Stage = Logic 7 mids
Subs= Earthquake SWS8's
Processor= JBL MS8
Amp = Alpine PDX4.100

So I fitted the Amp and the subs at the weekend with a view on the amp running the front stage and the subs.

My primary question is that the amp has its own crossovers and filters. I have set the filters on the channels to 'off' and the crossover on the sub channels to 40Hz and the front stage to 150hz.

Am I doing this right ? What should I set the crossovers to ? Should I turn the filters off, asumption that the MS8 shoudl do this work ?

On the MS 8 I have set the crossover point at 40HZ for low pass and the high pass at 200HZ. I have arranged the speaker set up as:

FL + FR as 1 way 200HZ 24DB
Centre as 1 way 200HZ 24DB
Rears as 1 way 200HZ 24 DB
Subs x 2 30HZ 12DB

Any pointers warmly welcomed - especially with respect at what I should set the amp crossovers at and whether I should be using the filters on the amp ?

Thanks for reading !!
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