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Originally Posted by vladinecko
OMG! and i thought there was no bigger sci-fi junkie than me. i prefer the outer limits though. i was in 7th heaven when they had a marathon of it on halloween
Ha ha ha ha!!! Yeah, you gotta love those marathons! Hey, if you're a big outer limits fan, answer me has been bothering me for like five years now...

I saw an episode of what I thought was the twilight zone, but when I bought the DVD boxed set of the entire show, this episode was missing. So then I thought it was an outer limits episode, but I've been watching the marathons every time it comes on and I never see it...maybe you know what it is...

Ok, somehow there's this guy who is dead, but he's pretty much narrating the whole episode and even though he is supposed to be dead, he can still talk about what going on around him. Anyway, I guess when the undertakers load him into the hearse or he's on the embalming table--I can't remember which, one guy notices that he can move his pinky finger, and that's how they know he's not dead.

Have you ever seen this episode? I can't find it anywhere. I thought it may have even been an Alfred Hitchcock Presents episode, but I haven't seen it in a LONG time and it's been killing me to find out which show this episode belongs. Anyway, let me know if you've ever seen it.