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Son of a Bitch. Not reading this thread 2 months ago cost me $8K.

I bought an X5 from them for a good price (first red flag, my fault I know). $49300 vehicle, KBB lists around $53k.. I figure home run. Over the phone they DID mention that the car had been "used by BMW" and never titled... they also mentioned over the phone that the nav screen was a little damaged on the surface (accurate assessment) , and that a few body panels had been fixed and painted... "probably some minor door dings and the like"...

Got the car, Nav screen was as described, no biggie. During the paperwork they showed me the disclosure that the car had body/paint work done at BMW, they showed me page one, I didnt notice it said "page 1 of 2".

Joe and New were both very nice individuals actually... didnt mean George though.

I did not have the car inspected since it was all under warranty and had a clean carfax.

I email another BMW dealer inquiring about a trade a few weeks since they had one with Nappa leather... Im really just putting a feeler out there and not serious about it... but they run the VIN and tell me there is a $15,000 disclosure on the vehicle and the car has been repainted top to bottom. Im a little annoyed with this discovery, but he does state that the price I paid is still "fair" considering this.

I emailed George and he emails me documents (I initialed every document shown to me) and he emailed page one and TWO of the disclosure, page TWO stating the total body work was worth $15000. I let him know that I was never presented page 2 (proof of this since I did not initial that page) and had I seen that I would have walked away from the deal. I ask him to take the vehicle back, he refuses. I consider a lawyer, I dont move forward with it.

I take the car in to have the tailgate fixed (it wasnt going down from the maximum position automatically... from postions 1-5 it works fine, from 6 it wouldnt... BMW dealer tells me that the car was hit in the rear pretty hard and shows me the repair areas, and says tailagate is not warrantied because it was in an accident.

Im furious.

Now, Id love to get a lawyer involved and force them to take the car back, but i really dont want to go through the effort. A local dealer offered $43k for it.. I paid $49K. $6K hit in 2 months (plus tax... but cant control that). Wholesale values around $42K, cant sell to Carmax for higher because its been painted. Im tempted to eat the cost and be done with the vehicle. Its been weighing heavily on my conscience, and I dont want to sell to a private seller because thats not fair to the buyer.

Stay away from the sleazes there.