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Originally Posted by oliviasappa View Post
I assumed since you laughed off a $34K offer that you were looking for much more. Am I incorrect?

As far as the M3s, there are quite a few in the high 30K range, which is presumably what you're looking for. They are obviously a bit older (08), but the miles are relatively low and they don't have the HPFP worries the 335s have, so...

Happy to bump for you!
Thanks for your perspective, I do appreciate it. When I first put the car up for sale I looked at market value and relative book value and used that on how I priced it. In the few months I have had my car up for sale, that relative book value has taken a dump, just my luck! It happens though.I have tried to adjust my price reasonably and comparable with relative book values and market value.

And no, I don't expect get high 30's at all (hint, hint, buyers!) now. I may have in the beginning when the car retained the value well, but not now.

Also, I don't think the newer 335's have that much of the HPFP issue, I may be wrong though, at least i haven't and from what i have read, which isn't a whole lot. Trust me, I have looked, in the range of what i expect to get of for the car, there are no "decent" M3's.

Thanks for the bump though.