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Hey guys, I will do one last post in this thread as its not really my issue as I don't sell the metal clutch stop in question here so I have no real gain either way, but I always like to support my suppliers, BMS and anybody else. I know its a favourite thing for a certain few users to always say that I am a fake Terry, or Terry steals my account, etc. but there is nothing I can really say to change your mind so I don't even bother anymore. The reality is BMS is a significant supplier of mine, but I have many other suppliers and in reality BMS maybe makes up 25-30% of my sales volume.

Back to the Clutch stop, and before we get carried away here lets look at this clutch stop in more detail. It's basically a furniture pad and a few washers. Grant you, clutch stops have been made for decades and I used one on my very first car (1989 Jetta). It's not like we're talking about the worlds first adjustable clutch stop here. We're talking about a "product" that anyone can go in to Home Depot and make for around $1. This photo shows the parts used to make them. It's easy to see why this has not been patented.

A year or two ago BMS refined the clutch stop with hard rubber washers that reduce the potential for rattling and offer a bit of rebound. But those washers cost $.75 instead of $.04. So they marketed theirs for $10 and I think its a great product that I use on my own car. Still less than OP was charging. Now due to some claims spread by OP they were forced to offer a part using metal washers. That's life. And the good news for customers is the metal washers are a lot cheaper so they can sell their lower end clutch stop for less now. $6 shipped is almost half of what the OP charges I believe.

There may be more to this then I know but I will leave it at this and hopefully the two parties can get together and resolve this dispute.

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