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Ok, update.

Ive set the MS8 up with teh following:

FL+FR 1 way 150HZ 24db
Center 1 way 150Hz 24db
SL+SR 1 way 150Hz 24DB
Sub1&2 30hz 12 db

I have some great staging across the front now but find the subs very 'boomy' and the fronts mids are struggling as they pop. Not sure what is the RMS for a Logic 7 mid ? I have 100 RMS going to fronts with the AMP gain turned down to a third but they still pop.

Set the MS8 up at -30 and now have it at -6. Head Unit was set to about 42 clicks at calibaration.

Any ideas or is it a case of the Logic 7 mids now not keeping up ?
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