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Hey guys, I will do one last post in this thread as its not really my issue as I don't sell the metal clutch stop in question here so I have no real gain either way, but I always like to support my suppliers, BMS and anybody else. I know its a favourite thing for a certain few users to always say that I am a fake Terry, or Terry steals my account, etc. but there is nothing I can really say to change your mind so I don't even bother anymore. The reality is BMS is a significant supplier of mine, but I have many other suppliers and in reality BMS maybe makes up 25-30% of my sales volume.

Back to the Clutch stop, and before we get carried away here lets look at this clutch stop in more detail. It's basically a furniture pad and a few washers. Grant you, clutch stops have been made for decades and I used one on my very first car (1989 Jetta). It's not like we're talking about the worlds first adjustable clutch stop here. We're talking about a "product" that anyone can go in to Home Depot and make for around $1. This photo shows the parts used to make them. It's easy to see why this has not been patented.

A year or two ago BMS refined the clutch stop with hard rubber washers that reduce the potential for rattling and offer a bit of rebound. But those washers cost $.75 instead of $.04. So they marketed theirs for $10 and I think its a great product that I use on my own car. Still less than OP was charging. Now due to some claims spread by OP they were forced to offer a part using metal washers. That's life. And the good news for customers is the metal washers are a lot cheaper so they can sell their lower end clutch stop for less now. $6 shipped is almost half of what the OP charges I believe.

There may be more to this then I know but I will leave it at this and hopefully the two parties can get together and resolve this dispute.


I can honestly say the picture/prices that Mike posted is about right. Factor in costs for postage, bubble envelope, paypal fees and ebay fees I make about $5 per stopper sold. So by far I'm not getting rich off this.

As I've mentioned before, this is just a side hobby to help the community out. But that's not really the point of this thread.

The facts of the matter are:

1) I designed and developed an easy to install clutch stop. Anyone who has bought one from me knows they can easily make one themselves as soon as they see it. What I provide is convience so that you don't have to go out and have to buy all the pieces.

2) A year or two later BMS copied my design. Which is fine when they used rubber washers. I didn't even complain when they used by install picture. I just figured smart buyers would see through to them and buy mine instead.

3) Now BMS copies my design exactly and uses all the pictures in my ad as their own. That's the last straw.

Strange that they would offer this "new" metal washer design on eBay only. You would think that if customers asked for it, you would offer it everywhere you products are sold...especially your own website.

I think I've made my point. If BMS can't or won't respond well that there's not much else to say.