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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
This has been BMS' mantra from the beginning. "Oh look, someone had a smart idea and they're charging a premium for it. Let's steal their idea and charge less."

The thing they don't seem to understand is that the innovation itself is worth a lot. I'm not sure how showing us a picture of the parts used to make a clutch stop take away from the fact that BMS stole OP's idea and then used a picture that didn't belong to them...

I have never seen Mike defend any of his other suppliers like he does BMS. Terry catagorically uses Mike's account to post from time to time. Telling us otherwise is a blatant lie.
I think you have said your piece and we get your point. You bash the COBB just as hard as the JB4, so I'm sure members can figure out which side you are on. As far as the bold, don't spread rumors. You don't have any proof in making this claim.

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