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He's an American Bulldog, but don't let his cuteness fool you. He is in fact a demon.

He can't hardly start running, stop running, or turn while running (sometimes walking) without falling down, but he can climb over his pen walls which are wire mesh. WTF? Today was his first day home alone. We've left him alone in his pen for a couple of hours on Saturday. But this was the first full day. I even had my in-laws come by to let him out midday. They found him out of his pen in the living room (walnut floors) and a swimming pool sized puddle in the laundry room. He peed 3 times, THREE times before i left this morning.

They reset everything, cleaned up the piddle puddle and left. My wife came home to the same scenario. Clearly my strategy needs to change. I have thumbs and will not be beaten by this 9 week old demon dog.

Seriously though, he's lucky he's as cute as he is.

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