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Originally Posted by jordan313 View Post
What a good way to advertise... Dang I wonder how many orders op has gotten since he made this
This is exactly my thought. What better way for a non-sponsor to advertize their product. Shady on the OP's terms.

Originally Posted by chriscecc914 View Post
Talk about being sheep. A vendor steals a photo to pass off as their own and the vendors fanboys of course think its blown out of proportion. Open your eyes sheep.

This isn't the first time I've read about shady BMS dealings and actions. And you know what they say, if there's enough smoke, there's usually a fire.
To be honest with you, you could say that any company is "shady" in what they do. That's the way of the business world. All this drama over a photo, used on an EBay store (A small percentage of their business revenue), is totally unneccesary in my opinion. You have to remember this product is something an 8 year old can put together, it isn't rocket science.

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