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Originally Posted by chriscecc914 View Post

To be honest with you, you could say that any company is "shady" in what they do. That's the way of the business world. All this drama over a photo, used on an EBay store (A small percentage of their business revenue), is totally unneccesary in my opinion. You have to remember this product is something an 8 year old can put together, it isn't rocket science.
That's making excuses and silly to say that its the price or complexity of a product that determines whether its ok to steal photos of for your own use. Also, saying it's ok because others do it too is also nothing but an excuse. That's like saying stealing something is OK because others do it too :

I don't care if it's a 2 dollar product and takes 3 minutes to make or is 2 grand and days to make. The act of stealing pics on either of these products is equally reprehensible.