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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
He needs to defend his title one more time before he retires tho. There's no way they would just let him do superfights now. The who MW division would riot lol!

Watching him fight anyone is a privilege. I highly doubt we'll ever see anyone quite like him ever again.

Him vs GSP really should happen. Everyone's been dying to see it for the last 2 years now. But we kinda know how it will end tho >_> If GSP can get him into title round territory, that would be amazing to say the least.

After watching him destroy Bonnar, if there's a catchweight fight between Jones at 195, I think Silva would do quite well. No real cutting weight means more time spent at near 100% while Jones would need to be regulated.

I still need to watch silva vs fitch and big nog vs herman. Heard those 2 fights were great as well.
I'd like to see Silva vs GSP and in the meantime the MW's fight each other to determine the number contender as there's a lot of speculation who it is. I think Bisping vs winner of Weidman/Boestch will determine that but maybe Belcher could be in the mix. The Silva vs GSP would take some time so I'm sure they could sort out the MW contender by then. I would still rather see Silva vs Jones if it's his last fight as opposed to one of the MW's though. I think Jones is getting a lot better with each fight so Silva would want that fight sooner than later.