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Originally Posted by chriscecc914 View Post
That's making excuses and silly to say that its the price or complexity of a product that determines whether its ok to steal photos of for your own use. Also, saying it's ok because others do it too is also nothing but an excuse. That's like saying stealing something is OK because others do it too :

I don't care if it's a 2 dollar product and takes 3 minutes to make or is 2 grand and days to make. The act of stealing pics on either of these products is equally reprehensible.
Why are you even replying to this douche (e90Company)? The guy has been a member for 6 months and has 5000 posts, should tell you something....
He knows nothing about ethics and business practices.
His comment on"just the picture" and "small revenue" tells you all about his knowledge on the subject.

BMS, historically and currently is a bunch of dogs and should not get any business, especially from us here... There are other, and better, options...