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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
Anderson said he has to fights in his contract left, to which Dana replied by saying he wanted to re-sign him to another 30 fights or something to that effect. Anderson also said he wanted to fight for another 5 years but we dont know how realistic that is or how serious he was about it
I know it seems a bit contradicting. I think he's heart wants to fight another 5 years but his body says no. I think if he gets the GSP fight and depending on how he beats him, he would be a lot more keen to take on Jones and that would cement his legacy as being the undisputed GOAT. Would not surprise me if GSP gets injured though He hates the idea of fighting Silva and I do not blame him at all. I remember a couple years ago a lot of people thought GSP could beat Silva but I rarely hear people say that anymore. IMO fighting Weidman does nothing for Silva's career right now, a high risk for a small reward. Also, if Weidman was to lose to any fighter in the meantime, he could easily become irrelevant or lose a lot of momentum. Just seems like he's one of the best options in MW right now. I've watched all of Silva's UFC fights, all these fighters preach the same story but they all end up getting destroyed.