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Originally Posted by DSB335d View Post
I was a VW automotive tech for over 2 yrs, and I've been to VW training schools in both IL and FL... I've either personally worked on or witnessed every issue mentioned, and has came through the dealership I worked at.

I'm happy for you that you've had a pleasurable ownership with your VW's, but just because you haven't experienced issues like the ones I've mentioned does not mean they haven't happened to other VW owners.
I understand that VWs have had issues. All cars do and some people have all the bad luck in the world. But you have to admit that the N54/ N55 motors have been plagued, so much so that when I got rid of my 335; I was seriously considering the X3 35i as a replacement, but when I spoke with my SA he advised me to stay away. Hence my decision. I got a very basic Jetta without any bells and whistles and it works great. I honestly believe that the simpler the car the longer it will last and that more electronics in the car means more gremlins and low reliability....
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