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First of all, MAN those M3 seats look rad!

Second eml58, some people report success by bench testing their seats with a dumb power supply, others seem to require a CAN signal to make them work...

Originally Posted by bolind View Post
If one is a lazy bastard and just wishes to buy the factory BMW harnesses, what are the part numbers, and how is it done?

I currently have unheated, manual seats, and a very meager harness. I'm switching in leather power sports seats with heat and adjustable lumbar support.
So I've investigated further, and the harnesses I found on turned out to be the actual harness in the seat itself, which I, obviously, have. The car's harness can't just be purchased, as it's pretty integral to the car.

So I'm trying to put together a list of what one would need to expand the existing harness. Keep in mind my car currently have next to nothing. I've checked, and all that runs to the seats are airbag, seat belt tensioner and, for the passenger side, occupancy sensor.

Wiring will be sponsored by my workplace, so no need to worry about that. It's just stranded wire in the right thickness.

The connector housing(s) on the car harness side are the same, just not populated, so first we need some extra female connectors, numbers: 61131383776 and 61138364844.

Then we need something at the other end? The CAN connectors; they're just the small ones too? How about the PWM signal from the junction box? Do I need a socket housing?

How about the fuse panel? Do we tap into an existing 30A fuse, or what will be needed to establish an additional fuse?