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Originally Posted by ilgidi View Post
I have been reading this thread with interest as I am having a mysterious problem on my E91. I was driving last Sunday and after pulling off from a corner with DTC off to get a little drift , I felt a thump as if falling into a pothole and all of a sudden felt strange vibrations from the clutch as well as the gear lever started shaking. I opened the hood and the whole engine was shaking. My initial thought was that of a failed engine mount. So the next day I took it to a BMW specialist and immediately pointed at the Dual Mass Flywheel. However, he was surprised this was the cause as no noise was being heard and the car is relatively low on mileage, just over 50k. Normally he said, the DMF failure produces a sound which this does not have. The other culprits he said could be the balancers on the timing chain or better still, gearbox mounts. The car still drives well, albeit the occasional issues with 2nd and 3rd gears, hence him thinking it's the flywheel.

Has anyone had or known about a similar problem? The DMF and Clutch are quite expensive parts and I keep wishing it's something trivial as a mounting. The vibrations and shaking are barely felt on 4th and 5th gears and parctically non-existent on 6th. The plan is to start by opening the gearbox and take it from there.

Any help is much appreciated.
I highly doubt it is one of the mounts mate. I agree, it does sound like its the DMF/Clutch. The latest editions of both parts drastically improve, if not cure the problem. I'd suggest visiting your local dealer and seeing if they will replace both as a goodwill gesture. Its not normal for these parts to fail at that sort of mileage so they may contribute to 100% parts and 50% labour, leaving you with 50% of labour to pay. That said, I see you are in Malta - not sure what the dealers are like over there, in terms of willingness to help/generousity!