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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
I prefer the SWS8'sm setup as subs and not part of fronts on 2 way. I will have a go at turning down the gains and see how I get on.

Not sure what frequency for subs - I will check tonight.
Sub Frequency is the key to your sound. SWS-8s don't do much above 100Hz.

Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Its seems that you have a very similar setup to mine, I also notice your amp is similalry powered,
If I can code my HU to hi-fi, I don't really need MS-8.
I am happy with HU---> Amp.

Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
It seems you are happy with your setup - can you share with me what you setup looks like in MS8 ?

I am keen to understand if you have changed tone / graphic / input control for sub / cntr etc obviously need to know what crossover / slopes etc you are using.

If you can share that data it woudl be appriacted fella.
I have installed it for few members on this forum. If you follow what I recommended earlier in my post, you will not regret. Albeit you have to be very carefully with gains to speakers.

Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
In terms of professional install - I have eveyrthing installed its just a matter of playing with teh settings now - if you know of anyone in teh London / Berks / Bucks area I woudl be interested to know,.

Thanks buddy.
Great to see that you installed it. Have a play with settings and you will be good to go.