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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post

Just tried,

Subsonic filter 30HZ
Sub / Front Crossover 120hz
FL+FR 120HZ 24db
Centre 120hz 24db
Sides 120hz 24db
Sub1+2 24db

AMP gains at min,

........................and its sounds SHITE !

The front mids (when turned up just seem to pop) and distort.

Ready to sack all this kit tbh - next time factory fit for me only !!

I had a full Logic 7 system in my previous 35d and it was spot on !

Few Questions.
1- Are you skipping the calibration process or are you using sound CD to setup the calibration?

2- What volume level of MS-8 are you using for calibration level?

3- If I am not wrong, only your front mids and SWS-8s are connected to alpine PDX 4.100, and rest to MS-8.

IF yes, try these.

Try these settings:
Subsonic filter 40HZ
Sub / Front Crossover 120hz
FL+FR 120HZ 24db
Centre 150hz 24db
Sides 150hz 24db
Sub1+2 24db

You can also try these settings with MS-8 volume on 21 while calibration and then 30-35 db to see which one works out better.

MS-8 is right bitch to setup properly and TBH, hence I never liked / bought one.
But if somebody wants one, I'd recommend it as it can be setup by anybody if done properly.