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Originally Posted by bmwak View Post
I highly doubt it is one of the mounts mate. I agree, it does sound like its the DMF/Clutch. The latest editions of both parts drastically improve, if not cure the problem. I'd suggest visiting your local dealer and seeing if they will replace both as a goodwill gesture. Its not normal for these parts to fail at that sort of mileage so they may contribute to 100% parts and 50% labour, leaving you with 50% of labour to pay. That said, I see you are in Malta - not sure what the dealers are like over there, in terms of willingness to help/generousity!
Cheers mate. In fact I confirmed it wasn't mountings. I took off gear box cover and mountings look intact. Maybe it was wishful thinking. The dealer here ain't much of a good will type especially since my car was bought from the UK. Tomorrow I'll take it to my mate who's a car mechanic and open up the gear box to see damage. At least I managed to find parts from UK for about 525, which isn't bad considering. I don't like it but wtf can you do.

Cheers...I'll let your know how it goes.