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Originally Posted by omaragha View Post
Ill give it a go mate and try different volumes and gains as you kindly provided- had enough tonight tbh !! So will revert back tomorrow.

Do you still think the below is the right setup for crossovers and slopes ?:

Subsonic filter 40HZ
Sub / Front Crossover 120hz
FL+FR 120HZ 24db
Centre 150hz 24db
Sides 150hz 24db
Sub1+2 24db


......I currently have all speakers @ 24db slopes and crossovers at 120hz, with 30Hz subsonic.

So which should it be buddy ?

Thanks for all your help !!
40Hz subsonic is safer approach compared to 30Hz.
About slopes, I cannot comment as I always used 24db.
Cross over is 120Hz b/w fronts and sub.
For rears and central 150Hz is safer and less distorted approach.

Share your results with us.

Also don't forget to experiment amp gains as mentioned above.
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